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Experienced tax litigation lawyers can help represent you in each stage of your tax dispute and at all levels of court.

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Farber Tax Law


Tax laws are complex and change often. If you are having an issue or dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you need to work with lawyers whose sole focus is tax law.

The tax lawyers at Farber Tax Law exclusively practice in tax litigation and dispute resolution. Farber Tax Law has extensive experience managing tax audits and appeals processes, and has successfully represented individual and corporate clients in numerous cases all across Canada.

No matter the stage of your CRA dispute, Farber Tax Law is here to help. Farber tax lawyers and litigators represent clients before the CRA and in all levels of court, including the Tax Court of Canada, and the Federal Court of Appeal. These cases include all aspects of Canadian tax law, including domestic and international income tax, GST, HST and provincial sales taxes, and more

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Lawyer-Client Privilege


The lawyers at Farber Tax Law understand and protect your confidentiality. There are some aspects of your tax situation that you may not want to share with the CRA. Working with Farber Tax Law provides you with lawyer-client privilege. This enables you to freely discuss any and all issues related to your tax matter with your legal team.


How Farber Tax Law Helps


Farber Tax Law’s tax litigation team helps clients in all stages of the tax dispute process.

This experience in managing audits, appeal disputes, notional assessments, tax investigations, and a variety of other tax problems is invaluable when dealing with the CRA. The Farber Tax Solutions team works in conjunction with Farber Tax Law lawyers, helping our ex-CRA and accounting teams provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to tax problems.

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Farber Tax Law Helps You at Every Step of the Way Including:

  • 1| Organization: We analyze all documents,plan a strategy, communicate and negotiate with the CRA on your behalf​
  • 2| Audits: We ensures proper audit conduct and represents you in meetings with the CRA
  • 3| Appeals: We resolve CRA disputes. Trust us to handle your Notice of Objection and represent you during every step of the appeals process
  • 4| Litigation: Farber Tax Law lawyers represent clients in all levels of court